Transcription & Copy Typing

When you need accurate and reliable records…

When you need to document what was discussed, agreed and actioned at a meeting, you need a professional minute-taker to create an impartial and accurate record of the discussions.

At Proactive Assistants, we are happy to attend meetings to take minutes. In person if the location is feasible (around Staffordshire, Derbyshire and West Midlands) or alternatively we may be able to join the meeting remotely or can transcribe minutes from a recording of the meeting if one can be provided. We’ll then type up contemporaneous notes and produce a final document for circulation shortly afterwards.

We regularly undertake minute-taking for clients at grievance and disciplinary hearings or committee/trustee or board meetings. Other occasions could include investigative interviews, research interviews and focus groups or other general company/conference/business meetings.

Transcribing Services

Transcribing recorded information is becoming more and more popular with people capturing information on a Dictaphone or Smartphone to save time.

We undertake transcribing services for site inspections, health and safety inspection visits and interviews, as well as for general business dictation.


We undertake copy-typing for reports, manuscripts, letters, manuals, dissertations or whatever is required. To enable us to work more efficiently when comparing and copying information, our virtual assistant offices have two desk monitors, to allow us to see both the current and previous version of a document at the same time.

If your business needs some help with minute-taking, transcribing or copy-typing, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help!

Transcription & Copy Typing


Did you know that taking minutes at a Board Meeting is a legal requirement in the UK Directors can be held criminally liable for non-compliance? The Companies Act of 2006 mandates that accurate minutes be kept on file for 10 years.

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