Calls Outbound & Inbound

Sometimes it’s just best to pick up the phone….


Outbound / Telemarketing / Telesales calls

At Proactive Assistants, we really enjoy the challenge of making outbound telemarketing and telesales calls.

We always make sure we have a good understanding of your business and what goals you are trying to achieve before we pick up the handset! Whilst some clients like to give us a script, we don’t use this during calls as we like each conversation to flow as naturally as possible, but the script information is useful to help us understand your industry terminology and what action you’d like each call to achieve.

Details of calls made are recorded and returned to you, usually in a spreadsheet format with future actions and timescales noted. If we are given access to a client’s CRM system, we can update the information in real-time.

If we’re calling to generate appointments, some clients give us diary access, allowing us to schedule sales visits directly into vacant or pre-allocated slots in the diary,


Telemarketing calls don’t just have to be sales orientated. They could be for research, such as mystery shopping, prospecting, competitor analysis or surveys. Just talk to us about what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll work out the best way to help you.

Email Marketing

We also offer email marketing support to compliment any conversations with prospects, to keep you on their radar. Once a potential client is qualified, we are happy to maintain the sales momentum with follow up calls and actions.

We work to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) guidelines regarding telephone and email contact. More information on GDPR is available at

Inbound Calls

Our trusted call handing team are available to handle your incoming calls, whether you just need holiday cover, or need someone always there to answer your phone if you’re not able to. There are various inbound call packages available to suit all sizes and types of business.

If you need help with either in-bound, outbound or telemarketing calls, please get in touch for more information.

Calls Outbound & Inbound

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