Holiday Preparation for your Business

In my last news articles, I have shared the benefits of Time Management and using Microsoft365, a guide to hiring a Virtual Assistant, tips on becoming Self Employed and various articles about the services Proactive Assistants provide. 

But I haven’t shared with you the stresses of preparing to take a break – going on holiday and enjoying the experience while recharging your batteries.

I am not talking about the holiday preparation, like checking your passport is in date and you have adequate travel insurance but the preparation for your business and planning for while you are away.

I have been doing just that this last month to make sure that I can be as prepared as possible to enjoy my time away.

We have been working with our clients so that we can prepare their workload in advance to meet those crucial deadlines that don’t go away just because you are taking a well-earned rest.

Personally, I am happy to be checking emails occasionally while I’m away just in case I can help if anything urgent crops up and so I am prepared when I am back in the office.  However, I appreciate the importance of having a holiday and just relaxing.

If you are taking your ‘office’ with you overseas, be aware of any possible data protection.  Phones, laptops and tablets may contain your clients’ information that needs to be protected with encryption and other methods.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur or have limited resources, using associates, like myself, in the business can be a great help with planning and delegating tasks that often get left until the last minute or that extra pair of hands to make sure everything is completed on time.

It is very important to plan well in advance and schedule tasks to ensure they are completed and make everyone aware of the situation. 

You will want to ensure your holiday doesn’t impact your business too much and there are clear procedures and processes in place to deal with the unexpected.

If not, then your business could impact you and your holiday.

  • Have you checked your Out of Office is working correctly?
  • Changed your settings on Google and voicemail?
  • If you are going overseas, will your mobile work adequately?

And finally make sure you have someone you can call on should something happen in your business?

It is important to enjoy your holiday, whatever you are doing and recharge those batteries!!!

Would you benefit from having extra help to cover holiday times?

If so, it’s a good idea to have someone on board and prepared ahead of time to fully understand what is required.

If you would like to discuss this, please give me a call on 07969199325.

How do you prepare for your Holiday?

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