Co-hosting Video Conferencing for Meetings or Webinars

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How to set up for a successful meeting.

  • Schedule your meetings.
  • Invite and manage participants.
  • Help to promote your webinar to your target audience.
  • Let attendees know how long the meeting will last, allowing for the opportunity for Q&A.
  • Rehearse your event with you before going live.
  • Distribute materials ahead of the video conference, if applicable, should the internet connection fail.
  • Make sure you have a co-host to help manage the meeting.
  • Be prepared for your meeting, 30 minutes ahead of going live.
  • Monitor Chat Activity.
  • Save and distribute Chat Activity to participants.
  • Chat Activity can be formatted for helpful information to use in the future, particularly if you have a lot of questions and feedback.
  • Start and stop recordings.
  • Create and manage Polls.
  • Organise Breakout Meeting Rooms for participants.
  • Follow Up with all participants.

We have over 12 years’ experience of helping businesses to make all the necessary arrangements for face to face meetings and conferences and helping to facilitate them, so we thought it would be useful to transfer these skills to offer this service online.

It is just as important to be prepared for an online meeting as a face to face meeting so you may also want to consider the following factors.

  • Prepare the material you are going to be sharing.
  • If it is a team event, make sure everyone is aware of the objectives of the meeting and the desired outcome.
  • Plan and delegate to your team’s strengths and knowledge.
  • Communication is key for your team and attendees.
  • Plan a dry-run of your event to check on timings, responsibilities and that technology is working. 

By having a co-host this will allow you to focus on the content of your meeting and to interact with your audience, rather than worrying about the technology.

We understand the importance of looking professional and the frustration for participants when the host is struggling to present and to monitor the activity of the participants.

We are happy to use whichever platform you have decided on and in our previous article listed some of the many platforms available to use such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, Cisco WebEx, Whereby, Jabber, Discord and Slack.  I am sure by now you already have your preferred method of connecting, if not, we can help with this.

Top Tip kindly shared by Jeremy Nicholas.

“If you are using the Zoom platform and anticipate an audience of over 100 you will need to buy the large meeting licence, which allows up to 500 people in.  The licence needs to be assigned to a particular user, please see the second bullet point in the link below.”

Our Top Tips

  • Do not assume that participants are experts on the platform you have chosen to use.
  • You may want to turn off your sound and video when joining a meeting so you can initiate this.
  • Communication is 70% body language so always have your video on.
  • If you have a background noise during your meeting, mute all participants and check to see which microphone is moving up and down to show where the noise is coming from.

We offer this service to help businesses to communicate more effectively online and would love to work with you to help make all your events run smoothly.

Have fun connecting online.

If you would like a no-obligation call or Zoom please contact me I would love to hear from you.

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