Celebrating 16 Years of Proactive Assistants Limited

Proactive Assistants - Birthday Celebrations

Wow, where did the time go?

It has been a fantastic 16 years in business and yesterday I took time to reflect on the ups and downs highlights, and disappointments but great fun and hard work.

Proactive Assistants was established, and we opened our doors on 7th April 2008 and have been providing virtual/onsite assistant services ever since.

Throughout the years our business has evolved with the services we provide and some of our clients and associates coming and going. Never a dull moment!

This last month has been no different and we have completed three large projects for a client two telemarketing and one research project. A client from 2014 contacted us to do a small piece of work for them which is always lovely to see clients returning.

Over the years technology has been a huge part of our journey, which has become very apparent while I have been sorting and packing to move.  Smartphones were just starting to gain traction which is a telling sign with the box full of old mobiles from my first Nokia progressing to a Blackberry, Android, and then iPhone.  Many years ago, I would rely on LogMeIn to access all my documents when working out of the office and now everything is on tap with OneDrive.  Digital accounting has become the norm and what a relief to be able to move away from all those paper receipts and invoices.

High-speed broadband has become an expectation, and the rise of social media, AI, and privacy concerns have become a challenge.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the past 16 years has been the relentless pace of change. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, along comes a breakthrough to shake things up all over again. So, let’s embrace it, adapt to it, and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. After all, who knows what the next 16 years will bring?

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