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"I had the pleasure of working with Sue when she was given a demanding role on a fairly pressured project during which she maintained a positive attitude throughout. Sue was responsible for liaising with customer representatives to schedule various activities and given the potential for misunderstandings she completed the task efficiently and with a great attitude.

Sue is a pleasure to work with, she is always willing to 'go the extra mile' and maintains a cheerful approach to her work at all times. Sue is happy to take on new ideas and can be relied upon. I would be very happy to work with Sue again in the future."
Steve Trant, Project Manager

"Sue carries out a variety of projects for me ranging from demanding recruitment assignments to telemarketing to exhibition stand duty to mailshot organisation and execution. At all times I can rely on Sue to carry out the tasks in a highly professional manner, with the minimum of fuss and to the right timescales. Sue deserves her success and it is great to see her progress and the growth of her business in the last year."
Mike Gulliford, Interconsult Ltd

"Sue Cliff has been a major factor in the success of the Professional Speakers Association. She has managed our day-to-day business, dealt with enquiries with tact and efficiency, and made sure that everything runs as smoothly as silk. Everyone needs someone like her to handle their business, and I can't recommend her highly enough."
Alan Stevens, President, Professional Speakers Association

"Proactive Assistants has always returned work on time and in addition to just typing material, will comment on any errors or recommend possible improvements. This is particularly helpful when deadlines are short and being a small company it is not always possible to have items proof read in-house."
Norman Gentry, Norman Gentry Consulting

"When you asked Sue to do something, it gets done; on time and accurately. She is a rare breed in this modern day where people letting you down is the norm. She never does. Oh and what a lovely lady she is too."
Will Kintish, Kintish

"Sue is a thoroughly reliable and professional person who for the past 6 years has time and time again demonstrated initiative and a willingness to go the extra mile. She treats your business with the care and attention rarely found in outsourcing. She makes getting to know your business her business. A Star!"
Robin Sieger, Sieger International Ltd